Westbury on Trym C of E Academy Mathematics Badges



To continue the development of Mathematics in our school, we have decided to implement a Mathematics badges incentive scheme. The focus of this scheme is to improve and consolidate all the children’s mental recall and use of number and times tables facts, at speed. We believe that this will then support children’s confidence and ability to apply these skills when they are completing calculations and problems in mathematics and other areas of the curriculum. 

Once the children have completed this test in the desired time and with no incorrect answers they will be moved onto the next stage. The children will stay on their badge colour until they have achieved all the correct answers and in the time given.  The children will then be given the colour badge to keep and a certificate in recognition of their achievement!  Every now and again we will check that they are still able to retain the number facts learned from an earlier badge within the allocated time frame. Once a week the children will aim to practice and/or attempt to complete a test for that relevant badge in a given time. Please find the links below for each badge. 

For more information- see the badges overview.

Please note badge times are 4 minutes and 4.5 minutes for star badges.

Please note children in

  •  Year 1 they can be tested up to Yellow Star
  •  Year 2 can be tested up to Orange Star
  •  Year 3 can be tested up to Bronze 
  •  Year 4 can be tested up to Emerald
  •  Year 5/6 can be tested on all badges

If your child has reached the maximum level for their year group they will be given further short challenges to work on.


White Badge Addition to 5

White Star Badge Addition and Subtraction to 5

Blue Badge Addition to 10

Blue Star Badge Addition and Subtraction to 10

Turquoise Badge Addition Bonds to 20

Turquoise Star Addition and Subtraction Bonds to 20

Yellow Badge Addition to 20 

Yellow Star Badge Addition and Subtraction to 20

Pink Badge Addition Number Bonds to 100

Pink Star Badge Addition and Subtraction Number Bonds to 100

Purple Badge Addition Multiples of 100

Purple Star Badge Addition and Subtraction Multiples of 100

Red Badge Multiplication Facts 2 5 10

Red Star Badge Multiplication and Division Facts 2 5 10

Orange Badge Multiplication Facts 3 4 6 11

Orange Star Badge Multiplication and Division Facts 3 4 6 11

Green Badge Multiplication Facts 7 8 9 12

Green Star Badge Multiplication and Division  Facts 7 8 9 12

Bronze Badge All Multiplication and Division Facts

Silver Badge Fractions of Numbers 

Gold Badge Multiplication and Division by 10 100 100 % of Numbers Fractions of Numbers

Topaz Badge Measurement

Ruby Badge Equivalent Fractions

Emerald Badge Volume and Weight

Amethyst Badge Percentage of Amounts

Rose Quartz Improper Fractions to Mixed Numbers

Amber Rounding

Sunstone Fractions -dividing, multiplying adding and subtracting fractions