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During the summer of 2019, the children decided that they would like to rename our ‘House Families’.  The ideas were generated by all the classes and the top five were placed on a ballot paper. The school council then ran our own polling station where we all had the opportunity to individually vote for a theme of our choice promoting a sense of democracy.  It was very exciting!

Since September 2019, our Houses have been named after ‘Mythical Creatures’.  We have used words to describe them which demonstrate our positive learning behaviours.  During our last school family assembly of the year, we then picked out words that link to our school ‘values for life’ that we endeavour to demonstrate in the way we think, act and behave.

During the autumn terms, we will develop logos and mottos for our houses as part of a house competition.  What will they be and who will be the House Champions of 2019-2020?

Children who are keen to represent their house stand for election and following a vote (as part of our British Value of democracy) the two House Captains and a Vice Captain are elected.