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Continuous Learning at Westbury on Trym CE Academy

If you would like to know the result of our school sunflower competition click here to see the winning entry! 

Have a little look at what we got up to over Easter here.  To access our Easter activity ideas, click here.

During this time of exceptional school closure, the aim of our continuous learning plan is to keep our school family closely connected.  By using Seesaw as our main tool for delivering engaging learning experiences we can continue our planned programs of study as far as is possible.  Equally important is providing opportunities for staff and pupils to interact with one another and maintain the connections and relationships which each class family has worked so hard to develop.

Our planned learning experiences offer authentic opportunities to focus on key concepts, knowledge and skills. They emphasise interaction and creativity, and involve a balance of on-screen and off-screen tasks that help connect to previous learning and the current curriculum. We would like to acknowledge the support and input from professional educators at international schools around the world such as Yokohoma International School in helping us to develop our continuous learning plan.

As always, online communications are managed in a respectful and safe way. For clarity and safety, we use Seesaw, Schools Comms and Zoom in order to communicate with our pupils. We ask parents not to connect to meetings through Zoom until they have read and agreed to the code of conduct.

 Seesaw  My Maths TTRockstars 

 Espresso  Zoom Brainpop (KS2) 

Brainpop Junior (Reception & KS1)

 New: To access Brainpop - please use the whole school username and password that we use for my maths - not your individual password, the whole school one.  

If for any reason you are finding it difficult to connect to Seesaw or Zoom.  Please contact the school through 

Please click here for further advice on how to access and download Zoom.

Would you like to use emoji's on your desktop or laptop computer in Seesaw activities?  Click here to watch a video showing you how to do it!

  Westbury on Trym CE Academy's Continuous Learning Guide

  •  Establish a daily routine to support your learning.
  •  Identify a comfortable, quiet space to work effectively and successfully.
  • Check online communication regularly.
  • Complete activities as best you can, with honesty and integrity to show your learning.
  • Communicate with your teachers/school staff regularly.
  • Use our ‘Westbury Ways’ to help you make decisions and choices.
  • Communicate and support your friends and classmates by commenting on shared posts and taking part in Zoom class meetings.
  •  Take breaks, play and be active.
  • Talk to adults at home or through school if you need support or help.

 Looking for more ideas?  There are lots of live and pre-recorded lessons which you can access.  Live and Pre-recorded lessons

Want advice on maintaining positive mental health in your family?  

Five ways to wellbeing 

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