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The Full Governing Body (FGB) oversees the Committees below.

Resources Committee

The Resources Committee is responsible for the sound financial management of the Academy and will take the lead on general matters relating to buildings and premises, with the long term welfare of the staff and pupils uppermost in its priorities. Additionally, the committee shall take the lead on all matters relating to staffing. The Committee acts as an Audit Committee in ensuring compliance with external regulation and statutory duties.  It will ensure solvency and probity and ensure that financial resources, made available to the Academy, are managed effectively.

Ethos & Standards Committee

The Ethos and Standards Committee takes the lead on all matters relating to: achievement; quality of teaching; design of the curriculum; delegation of responsibility to individuals; approval, monitoring and amendment of related policies. 

As a Church of England Academy within the Diocese of Bristol our Articles of Association require us ‘to maintain manage and develop a school with designated Church of England religious character offering a broad balanced curriculum in accordance with the principles, practices and tenets of the Church of England’.  

To achieve this the Ethos Committee shall take the lead in SMSC, PSHE, safeguarding, personal development, behaviour and welfare provision, the Academy’s Christian vision and mission, parental & community engagement and marketing, staff welfare and development, equalities and admissions (under a sub committee).


We also have two sub committees for Pay and Admissions.