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Mr Mark Hibbitt / Chair of Governors / Parent Governor


I’m a Parent Governor and the current Chair of Governing Board. Both my children have enjoyed their time at the Academy - my youngest is still here.

I’m passionate about children from all backgrounds having access to quality education in an environment that is caring and safe. Therefore, I’m keen to help the Academy in any way I can to offer that to children in our local community.

I sit on the Resources committee, which deals with financial, HR and premises related issues. As a Chartered Financial Planner and owner of a local firm of Financial Advisers, I feel I can bring some of my professional experience to the committee.

During my time as a Governor, I have overseen the extension to the school hall, sat on panels to appoint members of the Senior Leadership Team and helped review and re-structure the Governing Body itself.

My wife and I have managed to pass on our love of sport to our children, so most of our spare time is taken up with football, netball, rugby and cricket. I also appreciate just how tough teaching can be – on Fridays and Sundays you’ll find me trying coach my team of Under 11s at Rockleaze Rangers FC.

Business/Pecuniary Interests: Company Director - Financial Advisors

Term of office: 01/09/2015 - 31/08/2023

Mrs Jane Johnson/ Parent Governor / Co-Chair Ethos & Standards Committee

My youngest child is in Year 3 at the academy and my older child is now in Year 7, having previously been at Westbury for 7 years. I am a qualified primary teacher with 13 years’ experience and I have recently completed my training for qualification as a specialist reading teacher.

I have been an active Parent Governor for five years. I bring a balanced perspective through my roles as a parent, a qualified teacher and a regular classroom visitor.


Business/Pecuniary Interests: Nil

Term of office: 06/05/2017 - 30/04/2024

Richard Sloper /Deputy Head Teacher /Staff Governor

I am Deputy Head at the school having joined the staff in January 2017. I am extremely proud to be part of Westbury-on-Trym CE Primary Academy as we have an exceptional community of children, parents, staff and governors. We have a real family atmosphere and are a school that is going places.

I have been a teacher for over thirty years and have taught all ages across the primary age range. I have been a deputy head for around fifteen years in various schools. I am committed to making sure that all our children achieve the best that they can, feel that they have a real sense of belonging in the school and enjoy their time at our school. I sit on the Standards Committee, which has a real focus on making sure that all children achieve and make the best progress they can.

Away from school, I live with my wife, also a deputy head in a local school, and two sons who are both passionate about their chosen pathways and hope that all our children can find something they are passionate about too.

Business/Pecuniary Interests:  Nil

Term of office: 01/11/2018 - 31/10/2022

Father Andre Hart / Foundation Governor

I moved to Westbury on Trym in 2002 and have been a governor of the school from that time onwards, so I have seen the school grow and develop over that time. Both of our children came through the school and are now at university. I have served as a Foundation Governor through all this time with various portfolios as the Chair of Governors, Vice Chair and also Chair of the Ethos Committee and currently serve on the Standards and Ethos Committee. Being the vicar of the parish church I also have a pastoral responsibility in the school and have been keen to see the school deepen its Christian distinctiveness in every aspect of school life.

The past 20 years has seen much change in the world of education but at the heart of my commitment to the school has been to provide an excellent education for all our children in the broadest sense possible, where they can make the most of every opportunity to grow and flourish academically, emotionally and spiritually. This has been my passion over these years. It has been a privilege to serve the school and community and will continue to do so.

Business/Pecuniary Interests:  Nil

Term of office: Ongoing, Ex-Officio

Mrs Verity Thomas / Member Appointed Governor /Co-Chair Ethos & Standards 

I have strong historic links with Westbury on Trym School as both of my maternal grandparents taught at the ‘Boys School’ during the First World War. In addition, I worked alongside my sister for 14 years of my 21 year teaching career at Westbury-On-Trym CofE Academy. 
Over the years, I worked for 4 different Headteachers and saw many changes in both personnel and the ‘fabric’ of the school. I worked with some incredible children, parents and colleagues and was the Teacher representative on the PTA for over 15 years. During my time on the Senior Leadership Team, I was involved in teacher recruitment, planning and reviewing the SDP and in working alongside governors and parents on the Promotions and Marketing group. 
As a resident of Westbury and a long-standing supporter of the school, I feel it is important to strengthen our Community links and reinforce one of the school’s Core Values in ‘Cherishing our Community’. With my past and current knowledge of the school, and the children, staff and parents within it, becoming a governor is one of the new challenges I have decided to undertake in my retirement. 

I officially became a Community governor in February 2019 and currently oversee SEND, Children in Care & Vulnerable pupils.

Business/Pecuniary Interests:  WOT supply teacher and Secretary of Eastman and Co. (Timber) Ltd.

Term of office: 25/02/2019 - 24/02/2023

 Kate Ball / Parent Governor

I became a parent governor in 2019 and I am currently the lead Safeguarding Governor for the school. I am also currently serving on the Resources Committee. My professional background is in developing higher education policy across England where I have worked across a range of policy areas including assessing the quality of English degree courses as well as my previous role working with universities to improve the mental health and wellbeing of their students. My ambition for WOT Academy is to use my expertise and experience to promote wellbeing and mental health across the school, ensuring that all pupils are supported to thrive and succeed.

I currently have two children at the school (in Year 4 and Year 2) with another one hopefully due to start in 2024.

Business/Pecuniary Interests: Nil

Term of office: 01/09/2019 - 31/08/2023

Emily Farndon / Staff Governor

I have been a teacher at Westbury on Trym CE Academy since September 2012. I love being a part of the school community as we are a close, caring and supportive ‘family’. 

I have been teaching for over 20 years and I have taught across, and enjoyed, both Key Stages throughout my career. I am passionate about knowing and understanding the ‘whole’ child and it is always a great pleasure to get to know so many wonderful and varied personalities each year. 

I am PSHE Lead and I enjoy working closely with my colleagues, and the children, to help ensure that we all feel valued, heard and cared for within our setting. 

I look forward to supporting the school even further within my role as Staff Governor.

Term of office: 02/12/2020 - 01/12/2024

Business/Pecuniary Interests: Staff member

Pamela Tchakounte / Vice Chair of Resources / Parent Governor

I have 2 children attending the school. I became a parent governor in May 2021 and am currently serving in the Resources Committee.  

I'm originally from Cameroon and also a Belgian national. My family and I moved to Bristol in 2015 and we've enjoyed living in the city so far.

My professional background is in Finance and Risk Management and I work as an actuary for a Banking Group.

My desire to impact children’s lives started in my youth years when I was serving as a Sunday school teacher in my local church. I am passionate about encouraging children to achieve their dreams, whatever their background or history as long as they believe in themselves and work hard.

I hope through my skills, my background and my personal experience to bring my contribution to help the school in achieving outstanding results.

Term of office: 01/05/2021 - 30/04/2024

Business/Pecuniary Interests: Nil

Martin Lloyd / Member Appointed Governor / Chair of Resources Committee

I’m a Governor and Chair of the Resources Committee. Two of my grandchildren are currently pupils at Westbury on Trym C of E Academy. Through my childcare commitments to my grandsons I have personal insight and experience of what the Academy offers its pupils.

My wife is a retired Reading Recovery teacher. My eldest son is a teacher as well as one of my daughters-in-law. Through them I have a clear understanding of the need to provide every child with positive school experiences in an environment that is nurturing and safe. I also understand how hard teachers have to work to deliver this. In my role I am willing to assist the school in any way I can

I am a Chartered Accountant and Solicitor and recently retired from managing a property investment company. I am keen to ‘give back’ to this school which is integral to the Westbury on Trym community. I feel I can bring my professional experience to my role as governor, particularly to the Resources Committee. I have also, recently, taken on governor responsibility for overseeing Health and Safety.

My wife and I have taken great pleasure in being involved in our grandchildrens’ early years. We appreciate that our grandsons’ school experience is taking place in a faith and caring community-based school which offers such a positive learning environment for them and so many extracurricular activities.

Business/Pecuniary Interests: Nil

Term of office: 19/10/21 – 18/10/25

Saral Maganji / Foundation Governor

I am new to the role of a foundation governor, having been invited to take on the role by Westbury Parish PCC. As taking on that role, I ensure that the school resonates with the objectives held by the Church of England. I myself have 2 daughters who are in year 11 at Montpellier High School which has allowed me to understand the impact of a school environment on a student. I gladly accepted the offer to become a governor due to wanting all children to thrive in a school environment and have an opportunity to input any ideas that can provide the school to help the children to strive for big goals. 

I work in a hospital as a theatre nurse which gets me involved with training and assessing aspiring nurses. In my free time I enjoy long walks with my family, making sure that my daughters especially value their time outdoors and with their family.

Term of office: 28/09/2021 - 27/09/2025

Business/Pecuniary Interests: Nil

Stephanie Pritchett / Foundation Governor / Vice Chair

I’m a Foundation Governor, working between the Academy and Holy Trinity Church of England church.

Three of my children have enjoyed their time at the Academy – one has moved on to big school, the middle is just about still there and the youngest has a few years yet to go.

I sit on the Full Governing Board of the Academy, and also on the Resources committee, which deals with financial, HR and premises related issues. As a solicitor and partner of a local commercial law firm, I feel I can bring some of my professional experience to the committee.

I have also been a volunteer trustee director of Brentry and Henbury Children’s Centre for c.13 years. BHCC is a registered charity providing family support and childcare services to our local community in north Bristol and beyond. The charity aims to improve the education and development of babies and children by providing nursery and preschool care as well as community groups and family support services, including in relation to debt counselling, grandparent carers, teenage parents, alcohol and substance misuse, parenting, domestic violence and supporting children and families affected by parental criminal offences. BHCC also have a deep level of specialist experience supporting pre-school children with special educational needs and disabilities. I hope my previous early year’s trustee experience will be helpful in my role as Foundation Governor at the Academy.

My late parents were both in the teaching profession and passed on their passion for quality education for children from all backgrounds. I’m delighted to help the Academy to provide that to children in our local community.

Most of our spare time is taken up with my husband and me ferrying our 3 children around to Scouts, Guides, musical theatre, drama, swimming clubs and galas, netball matches, rugby, football and music lessons. We try to get a little of our own sport fixes and interaction with young people with me teaching sailing and my husband coaching rugby for our children’s clubs.

Term of office: 26/09/2022 - 25/09/2026

Business/Pecuniary Interests: Solicitor & Partner & Company Director, Pritchetts Law LLP

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