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Mrs Marshall, who supports learning in Year 6 is our guest Geog Blogger this week! She wanted to share with us the incredible pink lakes in Western and Southern Australia!

Pink lakes are one of nature’s most eye-catching wonders, but the way that they form is surprisingly simple. Pink lakes in Australia, and around the world, have an extremely high salt content. When the salt in the water interacts with green algae in the lake, a vibrant pink tinge develops. The colour also changes throughout the day, depending on the light outside and conditions in the water.

Australia also has an unusually large number of pink lakes due to large quantities of prawn brine in the water. 

Click on the link below to watch a video to find out more.

Can you name any other countries in the world that have pink lakes? Find Mrs Cheater to tell her and receive a Geog Blog sticker and three reward points for 'excellent' researching!