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Homes sit close to the cliff edge at Hemsby in Norfolk, where the beach has been closed off because of significant erosion and the risk that homes could fall into the sea. Picture date: Sunday February 26, 2023. (Photo by Joe Giddens/PA Images via Getty Images)
The village seaside resort of Hemsby in Norfolk was closed at the weekend after its coastline lost 3 metres of land in just two days.

There are fears its popular beach could be closed to the public for decades because of the ongoing threat of coastal erosion.

The sea has been taking land and homes from the village for a number of years, and two more bungalows are now at risk. People are being told to move out of their homes.

We live in the south-west of the UK. Which part of the country is Norfolk in? North, south east or west? Find the map of the UK on your class COWWS/HOTCLUB display and look for Norfolk. Tell your class Geog Blogger!