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Value for the term: Courage

The value for the term this term is Courage. Basic to the Christian faith is the belief that God is always present in every situation, even those when we are experiencing difficulty. We will be exploring acts of courage when people have faced danger, overcome their fears,  stood up for what they believe is right and encouraged others to persevere. It is often through prayer and reflection that adults and children find the strength to help them be courageous. We will be considering the following key questions:

à  How do we help members of our own Academy community who are facing difficult times?

à  How do we encourage  others to share their fears and worries and get help with these if necessary?

à  What do we understand about bullying and how do we address this when it happens?

à  How do we keep ourselves safe online and are we all courageous to share worries we have when our friends are not keeping themselves safe online?

à  What strategies do we have in place to encourage children to share and develop a range of friendships?

 How do we show our ‘Westbury ways’ to everyone in our Academy community as well as within our local and wider community