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Year 6 London Trip

On Thursday 11th January, the children from 6SH and 6JY went on a trip to London for their topic. At 7am, Year 6 embarked on this fascinating journey to see our nation’s capital city.

When we first arrived in London, we visited the Tower of London to see what was wrapped up in its history. The first thing we saw were the crown jewels and other priceless treasures of the monarchy. Next, we looked at the ancient armoury and we even saw a Samurai suit.  Then, we went to the Tower’s Torture Chamber and had a look at the excruciating methods of inflicting pain.

When we left the Tower, we walked a short distance to the Thames to go on a boat trip under the famous London bridges. Since we encountered road traffic on the way to London, we arrived at the Tower a little late and there was no time to have lunch. This meant that we had to have lunch on the boat. On the tour boat, we went past many famous landmarks like the Shard, the Gherkin, the London Eye and Tate Modern.

Once we got off the boat, we walked past Big Ben and arrived at the Houses of Parliament.  Inside, we visited the House of Commons and watched a fascinating debate. Then, we went to visit the House of Lords and we saw a famous scientist. After that, we went back to the start and did a workshop all about debating.

On our way back to the coach, we walked past Downing Street in the dark. There was a large gate with armed guards protecting the prime minister and his colleagues at work. Once we had passed Downing Street, we walked down Horse Guards Parade and into St James’ Park. Eventually, after a lot of walking, we got to Buckingham Palace and were almost at the end of our fascinating trip. We stayed there for a while looking at the guards and admiring the beautiful architecture before finally meeting up with the coach.

Thank you to Mrs Marshall, Mrs Yates and Mr Hartnell for organising this trip.

Thank you to all the parents and teachers who helped supervise us.

By Daniel E and Alastair W (6SH)

London Eye

Sumarai Suit