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Useful Links


Extra Curricular Clubs

Term 1 2021-22 - All Extra-Curricular clubs in Term 1 will be run by Shine Sports, please click the link below to book. 

Shine Sports


Clubs fall into three sections. Those are:

  • Clubs that are free and are run by school and are booked via school comms (school gateway app)
  • Clubs that carry a fee and are run by external club leads and are booked directly with the club leaders such as art, drama, tennis, french etc.
  • Clubs that carry a fee and are run and organised by Shine


We are encouraging families to download the school gateway app, which makes club bookings easier.  Details of how to do this can be found below.

For any club based queries, please email the school office on 


 School Comms

Club bookings will be taking place through Schoolcomms. In order for this to have maximum success we need parents to download the school gateway app and at present only 49 % of parents have the app in use.

Please Click Here to register, please ensure you use the email address that is registered as priority one at school otherwise it will not recognise your email. If you are not sure of which email you have registered please contact:

Click Here to read about how to use the app.

This app, also receives any texts sent from school and costs the school less money than it going straight to your text message box.

The app is downloadable on android and apple and is called School Gateway.

Apple     Android 

Club information