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Useful Links

Parking With Care

We all understand the "school run rush". All of us lead busy lives and it is not always possible to walk to school. However we ask all parents and carers to please follow the following rules that we as an Academy feel are very important to ensure the safety of our children at all times.

Please never, however much of a rush you are in to drop your children outside school, you must find somewhere to park. This includes the corner of Holmwood Gardens and directly outside the school gates.

Our children's lives are at risk from bad parking.

Please, if parking on Holmwood Gardens face the school, this reduces congestion.

Please consider parking in Westbury Car Park and walk to school.  There are a number of health and climate benefits to walking or choosing alternative transport - click here for more information.

Please never double park or park on the kerb. Remember Child Safety must come First.

Please click on the links below to learn more about Road Safety.

Road Safety for Children

BBC Article on the effects and dangers of bad parking around schools.