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Westbury on Trym Academy Recorder Groups

The recorder groups are run by volunteers, mainly parents, who teach small groups of about 6 children the basics of playing the recorder and reading music. The groups are for Key Stage 2 children and run from 8.25 – 8.50am.

We follow a structured approach using John Pitts Recorder from the Beginning Series. Children start playing the descant recorder in years 3,4 and 5. In year 6 some children will have the opportunity to learn the treble and tenor recorders.

The children perform at events throughout the year including Academy church services, assemblies, performances to their class/year, PTA events and the Community Fair.

There is no charge for the lessons as we are fortunate enough to have volunteer recorder teachers. It is not necessary to have a lot of musical knowledge or to be able to play the recorder, as training will be arranged. The number of groups that can be run depends on the number of volunteers and we are always keen to welcome new people into the team

All children who are in a group need to have a recorder and book and be prepared to practise outside of the group times.

Year 3:

Recorder from the Beginning Book 1 by John Pitts

Year 4:

Recorder from the Beginning Book 2 by John Pitts

Year 5:

Recorder from the Beginning Book 3 by John Pitts

Year 6:

Depending on the group the children are in they may have music provided or use

Treble Recorder from the Beginning by John Pitts

For all years – we recommend the Aulos 205A as a good beginner’s recorder.

Treble and Tenor recorders are available on loan.

Year 3 can sign up for recorder club on the whole school clubs sign up in September and all other years are arranged by the volunteers running the groups. If you would like further information please contact the school office.