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Religious Education

Intent: Why teach R.E.?

Here at Westbury on Trym CofE Academy, our aim is to enrich children with a religious education that promotes respect and tolerance in our diverse society. The Department for Education states that “RE provides opportunity for personal reflection and spiritual development, deepening the understanding of the significance of religion in the lives of others- individually, communally and cross-culturally” (DfE-00114- 2010). As a CofE Academy, we aim to not only develop their understanding of Christianity, but of all other principal religions and worldviews, in order to create a deep rooted respect for beliefs and cultures that differ from their own. RE can make important links with other areas of the school curriculum, such as PSHE, the humanities and the arts and a solid RE education allows pupils to see the significance of personal beliefs and values in all aspects of their own lives and the lives of those around them. At Westbury on Trym CofE Academy, we aim to provide children with a safe space that enables them to deeply reflect on their own ideas and develop challenging, insightful questions about the world they live in.


Implementation: How is R.E. taught at Westbury on Trym CE Academy?

We place great emphasis on the importance of allowing children to generate their own paths of enquiry and questions about religion, and encourage time for these discussion whenever possible. We always endeavour to link RE studies with current world affairs, so that children can begin to understand the significance of faith and belief in their world. At Westbury on Trym CofE Academy, we follow two schemes; AMV and Understanding Christianity. As a CofE Academy, we teach 60% Understanding Christianity, which delves deeper into the Christian faith, and 40% AMV, which explores other worldly religions and beliefs. RE is taught discreetly for one hour each week, however, we always encourage cross-curricular link with other areas of our curriculum, such as Art, the humanities and English, whenever possible. We are extremely passionate about providing children with real-life experiences through RE and continue to build strong links with places of worship in our local community, as well as engaging with many trips and visitors across the year, from Bristol and beyond. See below for some of our wonderful events and visits:

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