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The month in history...


 2nd March, 1969 - Concorde roared into the skies on its maiden flight.  It travelled at twice the speed of sound.            

 6th March, 1933 - Monopoly game is invented.


 15th March, 44BC - Julius Ceasar is stabbed and killed by conspirators led by Mark Brutus.




 25th March, 1603 - The crowns of England and Scotland were united when King James VI of Scotland succeeded the English throne.



 27th March, 1964 - The biggest earthquake ever recorded struck Anchorage, Alaska.  It measured 8.3 on the Richter scale. 





30th March, 1870 - Black men are given the right to vote in America due to the 15th  Amendment.


 What else happened during March throughout history?  Can you find an exciting fact?  (Here's a clue - a famous drink was invented).

Come and find Mrs Yates with an historical fact for March and receive 3 INDIVIDUAL REWARD POINTS!!!