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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1

Our classes are 1RR taught by Miss Richards and 1SD taught by Miss Davies.

Mrs Poole, Miss Bronstein and Ms Chase are our Teaching Assistants.

For more information about subjects please click here.  For diary dates click here.

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Useful Year 1 documents

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Term 4 2019-20

This term we are learning all about the Animal Kingdom.  We can't wait to go on our visit to Court Farm and we're also going to be joined by some fluffy guests who we hope will hatch in our classroom.  Have a look at the documents above to see what we'll be learning.

Term 3 2019-20

Our topic for Term 3 was Polar Adventure where we learned about the Polar Regions with a focus on the Arctic.

 We set up an Arctic Base Camp and investigated what would be the best material to use for a glove to keep out hands warm and dry.

We learned about the physical features found in the Arctic- mountain, ocean, glacier, coastline, river, lake, iceberg. We work in groups of three to make collages to show these physical features and then labelled them.

In Art, we created beautiful polar bear Arctic landscapes using a number of skills including painting water colour and printing using stencilling.


In English, we read The Great Explorer.  We then planned our own Arctic explorer stories.



In maths, we ordered numbers from smallest to largest.

In PSHE, we thought about our hopes and dream for the future.

In RE, we learned about the importance of Candlemas to Christians. We took part in the BS9 Window Wanderland. Each year group made stained glass effect pictures to represent the story of Candlemas and these were displayed in the front windows of the school for the community to come and see.


Term 2 2019-20

In Term 2 our topic was "May I play?".


In Maths, we have been shape detectives, searching for 3D shapes in and around our school. We have found out that shape is all around us!

In computing, we have been practising our independent typing on the iPads. 

In English, we have been learning to follow and write instructions. When we followed instructions to make a jam sandwich, we found out why it is important for instructions to be followed in order!

During our RE whilst learning about the importance of light to Christians in the time of advent, we recycled plastic milk bottles and made advent lanterns!

As part of our history topic “May I Play?”, we went on a trip to Blaise to learn about the traditions of a Victorian Christmas.

 As part of Anti-bullying Week, we have been celebrating being different. We have read the story ‘Giraffes Can’t Dance’ about a giraffe who feels different because he cannot dance like all of the other jungle animals. We have worn odd socks and talked about how we are different to each other and wonderful that is!


We have been thinking about personal space. We have talked about areas of our bodies that are ‘red zones’ and should never be touched at school and ‘green zones’ that can be touched by others at school with our permission.

For our topic ‘May I Play?’ we are going to be learning about toys from the past and toys that we play with today. We are going to be learning about Victorian toys and looking at the materials they are made from. For our topic ‘wow’ day, we dressed up as Victorian children and spent a day at Victorian school!

In computing, we looked at the Espresso module all about toys from the past and had a go sorting them into the ones we thought were old and those we thought were new.  Then we used Seesaw to explain why how we decided.  

In maths, we have been playing toy shops! We have been finding the total cost of two toys by using the part, part, whole model, putting the larger number in our heads and counting on.


In English, we have been reading the Book Traction Man and acting out parts of the story. We have been on the hunt for amazing adjectives in the story.

Term 1 2019-20

In Term 1 our topic was Space.

Here are all the areas of learning that we explored as part of our topic.

Week 5


In maths, we have been ordering numbers to 20 and saying which is the smallest and which is the greatest.

Try playing this great game to practise ordering numbers:


We have getting into role and writing postcards from Bob, the character from our class book The Man on the Moon. We have been focusing on writing sentences that start with a capital letter and end with a full stop. We have also been careful to make sure our writing sits on the line and there is a space between each word.

In Class Book Club, we voted for The Highway Rat by Julia Donaldson as our favourite book of the week. We love reading and sharing books in Year 1!


For our science lesson, we went on an Autumn Walk in our beautiful school grounds to look for signs of autumn. We have also been watching the weather and recording it each day.

We were very excited to meet local BS9 author Rachel McCoubrie, who came in to Year 1 to share her fantastic new book ‘The Great Alien Cake Off’. It is a very funny story and has fantastic illustrations! We loved it!

Info/messages for parents

We are excited that building work to enhance our Foundation stage and Key Stage 1 playgrounds begins on Monday 7th October! Please remember to drop off Year 1 children to the hall by coming through the sensory garden gate.

Week 4


This week, we have been comparing groups of objects and comparing numbers, looking at what is the same and what is different and using the vocabulary more, less and equal to.


We have been learning to orally retell the story of Man on the Moon. We have been using this story map to help us.

In the story Man on the Moon, aliens visit the moon! We have made our own aliens with plasticine and thought of words to describe them.

Look at our beautiful display of moons and rockets! We thought of lots of adjectives to describe them!


In science, we have been observing the weather and learning about how the weather is different in each season.

In RE, we have been bringing in our favourite books from home and sharing why they are special to us.

In Class Book Club, we voted for The Green Ship as our favourite book of the week.

Info/messages for parents

Week 3

This week, we have been focusing on our number formation and accurately counting forwards and back to 20. Watch this video clip to see how we remember the correct starting point and orientation.

We have also been learning one more and one less than a number, using unifix cubes.  If you haven't yet watched the Cbeebies series, Numberblocks you'll find that they have some very catchy songs to help with many of our maths topic.  Here's this week's video.



We received an important video message from an astronaut called Bob. 


Bob is from the book Man on the Moon. We have found out that his job is to clean the moon and keep it tidy.

We have been thinking of words to describe the moon.


In science, we have been learning about the seasons and which season our birthdays are in!

 In computing we've been beginning to learn the different keys on the keyboard and what they do.  We've had a look at this typing game in order to practise finding keys as quickly as possible.

Info/messages for parents

PE is on Wednesdays (indoor) and Thursdays (outdoor).

Children need their PE kits in school all week.

Week 1&2

What a great start to the year, the children have risen brilliantly to the new challenges of Year 1. 

They have already impressed us with their independence, listening skills and starting every day with a smiley face.

In Year 1, we LOVE reading books and especially the books in our class Book Nook. We have a class Book Club where we read and share books with each other. We vote on our class favourite each week.

Our topic this term is ‘Who Lives in a Place Like This?’ and we are going to be venturing into Space and the galaxy to find out who might live there! We have been exploring and making use of our class space station!

On Tuesday 12th September, we had a Space themed day of exploration.  

We watched a real rocket launch whilst sitting in our pretend rocket in our classroom.  This was the launch that we watched. 

We are also learning a new song all about Space, to sing along with it, please click here.

We were lucky enough to be visited by Paul from Sirius Astronomy who showed us what a real astronauts space suit looked like.  He talked about what it is like to go up into space.  Did you know that astronauts have to drink their own wee and that they can't eat bread in space because of the crumbs!

Year 1 came back from play time to find someone had been their classrooms and left a terrible mess?

We were super detectives and searched for clues. We found:

  • Paw prints
  • Fur
  • Straw
  • Sticks
  • Bricks

Who could it have been?


 2018 - 2019 What a wonderful year.....